Our Products


Henry is our secure print management system that is operating multiple printers on one interface. Henry can be integrated custom for any window through licensing our white-label. Henry is the core foundation that represents the three technology patents Intigo possesses to securely stream and 3D print branded & commercial intellectual property. 

Intigo Figures

We created Intigo Figures to show how we can transform existing digital assets into monetizable products. We take the brands’ existing 3D assets and create files that can be used for manufacturing. Brands have the option to order wholesale figurines or to allow individual consumers to order customized one-of-a-kind figurines. We allow the customer to choose from a range of poses, outfits, accessories and stands on our turnkey platform during the figurine purchase. The product arrives at the customers’ doorstep and our partners receive a percentage of the retail price.

Limited Edition

Limited Edition Intigo Figures is a website where customers can buy one of a kind, high-quality 3D printed figurines. It utilizes the ready-to-go distribution service provided by Intigo Figures but has been set up to be plugged straight into the world’s most popular visual social media platform, Instagram This will provide high quality and on-demand figurines at the touch of a button to all our customers.


CADPAD is an online, two-sided platform that is designed specifically for 3D modeling and gives everyone signed up access to a community of 3D Designers. The CADPAD website has two types of users: Authors (anyone that requires a 3D Model) and Designers (anyone that can design and generate a 3D Model). Anyone who has an idea and requires a 3D model can easily find a 3D designer.


An ecosystem where our in-house design team and freelancers can come together to create bespoke 3D models to be sold on either Intigo Figures or Limited Edition platforms. It was launched in 2020 with its first Franchise “Fire & Ice”. Sold alongside big-name brands such as Gumby and Choice Provisions, Relic gives designers a great opportunity to showcase their work.