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Design, Prototyping and Short-Run Manufacturing Services Utilizing Additive Manufacturing

At Intigo we offer contract 3D design, prototyping and short-run, low volume additive manufacturing (3D printing) services to help prove your product concept and get it market faster. We use the latest 3D design tools and additive manufacturing processes to build affordable and functional 3D printed parts in a variety of polymers and metals.

End-to-End Capabilities

From concept to reality, Intigo has the team, the experience and the expertise to help you achieve success.


Have a product concept but not sure what’s next? Our Discovery Process will help you dream big and turn that idea into reality!

3D Design

Our experienced team can create a design strategy that considers form, functionality, and production to ensure product success.


Validate your concept, test your vision, and bring your idea to life with prototyping that helps you visualize your final product.


Through a variety of 3D print processes, we can manufacture low- or high-volume runs to meet your production needs.

Turbo Charge Your New Product Introduction Process

In today’s ever-changing world, an organizations’ ability to create new products quickly and accurately is paramount. However, the path to product introduction is often challenging to navigate. Market-leading innovation requires product teams to be strategic, create urgency and anticipate roadblocks – all while meeting deadlines and keeping within budgets.

At Intigo we are focused on helping our clients successfully commercialize their products by creating 3D prototypes and short-run, low volume 3D manufactured parts to prove the product concept prior to mass production.

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“Hey guys, I just wanted to say thanks for coming through with the design and prototyping work you recently finished for us. We would have never been able to meet the demand for the parts unless Intigo helped us and for that, we are grateful”

Medical e-commerce Site Operator

“We’ve never been through the product development process so we didn’t really know what to expect. From the beginning, Intigo made bringing our product idea to life easy and now we are ready to take the next step. Thanks for everything”

Cannabis Brand Operator

Driven by Our Patented Technology

Intigo was awarded a 20 year, non-provisional patent by the US Government for an Inventory Control and Distribution System for 3D Designs & 3D Printers. Our system allows for valuable 3D design files (a company’s intellectual property) to be streamed securely to a 3D printer. Why is that important? Once your 3D design is completed, using the Intigo technology, that file can be streamed to a 3D printer anywhere in the world without the possibility of the file being stolen, pirated or ever used again except for that one instance of printing.

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Our clients range from start-ups through established national brands, in markets such as consumer goods, gaming, cannabis, education, automotive, electronics and more.